How to Beat the Waters of Balnea and Get the Scissors in TinyKin

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Want to know how to beat the Waters of Balnea in Tinykin and grab those scissors?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

You should help the Organizers restart the party in Balnea to beat the mission. To do so, find the shampoo and laser light, turn on the air blower and cassette player, and move the yacht to the bathtub.

Waters of Balnea: Sabotage in Troubled Waters is the third mission in TinyKin’s campaign after the Foliana Heights.

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Here’s a simplified guide on beating this level and acquiring the fourth component, the Scissors.

How to Beat the Waters of Balnea and Get the Scissors in TinyKin - how to open the ventilation shaft

#1. Open the Ventilation Shaft

Your initial goal is to get on top of the shelves behind the toilet, which requires collecting 15 green and 12 blue TinyKin.

Once you have enough TinyKin, head back to where you met Partipupa and take the path towards the desk lamp.

Hold down the RB button to create a ladder, jump on the leaves, and make your way to the top, where Ridmi is waiting for you.

Throw 10-12 blue TinyKin at the outlet, connecting it to the ventilation wire.

How to Beat the Waters of Balnea and Get the Scissors in TinyKin - turn on the towel dryer

#2. Jump Down the Ropes and Turn on the Towel Dryer

You meet Klorocks on the other side of the ventilation. Press the A button to talk to and climb down the ropes next to him.

Create an electricity line that connects the outlet to the air blower’s wire. (It requires at least 18 blue TinyKin). 

#3. Get on Top of the Shower and Push Down the Shampoo

The shampoo is on the corner shower shelf next to the bathtub.

Once on top of the shower, throw 12 pink TinyKin at the shampoo to push it down into the bathtub.

#4. Find the Laser Light in the Bathroom Cabinet

The laser light is on the top shelf of the bathroom cabinet near the washing machine. All you have to do is climb the towels and the rope to retrieve it.

How to Beat the Waters of Balnea and Get the Scissors in TinyKin - bring the yacht to the bathtub

#5. Bring The Yacht To The Bathtub

The Organizers show you the yacht’s location; it’s near the piles of toilet paper.

Move the toy with 25 pink TinyKin and clear the way if they get stuck. (You’ll probably need to move a few boxes to unlock the ramps).

#6. Turn On The Cassette Player

Climb the bathtub, find the outlet, and connect it to the cassette player.

Finally, place the laser light in its holder—on the other end of the bathtub—and let the party begin.  

That’s it. Partipupa will show up to reward you with the Scissors of the City of Balnea.

Still, if you fully want to know how to beat the Waters of Balnea in TinyKin, then you’ll need to do the side quests!

How To Beat The Side Quests In Balnea

There are three side missions in the Waters of Balnea: delivering the portrait, retrieving the missing gem, and washing the dirty Teddy bear.

The following guides explain how to get them done.

How to Beat the Waters of Balnea and Get the Scissors in TinyKin - the portrait of Rose

How Do I Deliver The Portrait Of Rose?

Talk to Jack inside the towel basket. He will show you a portrait of Rose, his girlfriend, and ask you to deliver it.

First, move the portrait with the pink TinyKin and blow up the boxes blocking the way. Then, climb the plant next to the window to grab the key. Finally, jump on the piles of toilet paper and put the key in the keyhole to open the door.

The TinyKin will deliver the portrait to Rose.

But that’s not it. You must carry Rose’s gift back to Jack, too.

Upon completing the deliveries, the young couple rewards you with the Ring of Eternity, a critical museum artifact.

How To Find Haladain’s Gem

Haladain awaits you on the washing machine, and he will ask you to find and retrieve the missing gem for a special reward.

To finish this side quest, first, you need to open the laundry door: Create a line connecting the outlet to the wire.

Get in the washing machine and cross the obstacles until you reach a closed door. Again, connect the outlet to the wire to open it and grab the gem before you leave.

Give Haladain his gem to receive another museum artifact, the Steel Entrail.

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How Do I Wash The Teddy Bear In Waters Of Balnea?

First, you must locate Romain; he’s in the sink vanity.

Get on top of the bathtub and shoot a couple of pink TinyKin at the cabinet’s door to open it.

Talk to Romain, grab the Teddy bear, and exit.

Turn on the washing machine by connecting it to the outlet. (The plug is behind the towels).

Finally, climb the rope and push the button to wash the Teddy bear.

Romain will reward you with the Ring of New Beginning upon bringing him back the toy. 

And that’s it: now you know how to beat the Waters of Balnea in TinyKin

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