How To Get Into West Garden in Tunic (The Easy Way)

how to get into west garden in tunic
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West Garden is one of the two main sections of the Overworld’s first part in Tunic. You will find it right after exiting the Dark Tomb in Beneath the Well.

But you may need a guide to get into this place because it gets quite confusing. There are items to find, puzzles to solve, and pitch-black dungeons to navigate.

Here’s an easy-to-follow, step-by-step walkthrough to get you from East Forest to West Garden in less than 30 minutes.

List of Items You Need

Obtain the following items before getting into West Garden:

  • The key to the door which takes you to Hero’s Grave.
  • The Sword.
  • The key to the Old House.
  • The Overworld Map.
  • The Lantern.

How to Get into West Garden In Tunic

To enter West Garden, navigate to Hero’s Grave and acquire the Sword, then head to Beneath the Well to find the Lantern. Finally, knock the stone statues at the bottom of the Dark Tomb, exit the dungeon, and follow the red signs. The path will take you to West Garden.

Step #1: Obtain the Sword in Hero’s Grave

tunic sword hero's grave

The path to West Garden is blocked by rocks that you can’t destroy unless you have the Sword. To obtain it, open the locked door leading to Hero’s Grave; it’s the first door you see after climbing the stairs next to the blue mailbox.

To find the key, head to the first checkpoint, a statue of a fox with shining blue eyes. Go down the stairs next to the statue, grab the golden key, and unlock the door.

tunic crossing bridge

Inside East Forest, follow the red signs to enter East Belltower. Don’t mind the stairs; instead, take the path on the right to climb down the broken ladder and exit the cave.

Now, you are in East Forest, where you can find the Sword. Follow along with the red signs until you reach the gate that a Rudeling is guarding. You can open it by pulling the lever on the right. 

Once the gate is open, press the A-button to obtain the Sword, and clear your way back to East Forest. Climb the ladder next to the fox statue (checkpoint), and follow the path until you get into the Guardhouse 1. 

Here, you will have to:

  • Defeat the Guard Captain.
  • Pull the lever to access the East Bell Tower.
  • Strike the bell once.
  • Climb down the rope to get back to East Belltower.
  • Take the south exit to go back to the Overworld.
  • Obtain the Overworld’s map from the ruined temple.
tunic overworlds map

Step #2: Enter the Old House

The Old House is near the Windmill (aka the Store). But it’s locked. To find the key, take the path opposite to the door and fight the green-caped Envoy until he drops it.

tunic old house

Cimb the ramp next to the bed in the Old House, follow the purple trail, and acquire the shield. There’s a lever to your right which opens a gate. Pull it and follow the path until you reach the ladder that takes you to Beneath the Well. (It’s right behind the Windmill).

Step #3: Find the Lantern Beneath the Well.

Locate the hall with a purple trail and make your way to the southeast exit. Here, destroy the Autobolt, obtain the map, take the south exit, and climb the ladder.

tunic phrend bridge

You might have to kill a few Phrend before opening the chests and exiting the dungeon. But once you are out, move along the blue-ish trail that takes you to a tower with purple lights. This is where you can get the Lantern.

tunic purple lights

Now, again, follow the blue-ish trail back to where you came from. This time, the Lantern will light the dark areas of the dungeon, revealing a new entrance on the right. Take down the Rudelings and pull the lever so the gate opens and you can obtain the Dark Tomb’s map.

Step #4: Solve the Puzzles in Dark Tomb to Locate West Garden’s Entrance

The Dark Tomb is the last stage before getting into the West Garden in Tunic. First, you need to take down multiple enemies—mostly Custodians—to locate the chest above the tomb. Press the A-button near the two skulls on each side so that the tomb moves and unveils the secret entrance. 

tunic dark levers

Climbing down the ladder takes you to a series of dark rooms with puzzle-like structures, stone statues with lasers coming out of their mouths. 

Stay away from the lasers and take down the statues with the Sword.

Once you clear the final room in Dark Tomb, you find a lever that opens the exit gate. Make your way out of the dungeon and follow the red signs to get into West Garden.

tunic dark cave exit

Tips for Getting into West Garden Faster

With the following tips in mind, you’d enter West Garden much faster than other players.

Don’t engage with the enemies unless you have to.

One way to get into West Garden faster is by dodging as many enemies as possible because Tunic doesn’t punish you for avoiding enemies. 

The downside is that you will have fewer crystals. But assuming you will skip most of the unnecessary fights, you won’t need many items; the Sword, the Shield, and a bunch of Explosive Bombs would do.

Unlock as many shortcuts as you can.

tunic windmills

Each stage has dozens of shortcuts that are Tunic’s version of  fast-travel. Some examples are the rope next to the East Bell and the movable bridges connecting different parts of the Overworld.

But the catch is that the shortcuts are nonfunctional unless you open them. The more shortcuts you unlock, the easier it gets to find West Garden. They stop you from repeating the same tasks or solving the same puzzles.

Have some Explosive Bombs handy.

Buying a couple of explosives is always a good investment in Tunic, especially if you want to get into West Garden faster. Explosive Bombs allow you to get rid of a bunch of enemies at once, which comes in handy when they block a path.

That’s it; now you are prepared to navigate to West Garden like a Tunic speedrunner. Have fun.