How To Get More Bubbles In TinyKin

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Discovering how to get more bubbles in TinyKin is easy: Gather the required pollen in each mission and give them to Sikaru to upgrade the Glider Bubble.

What Are Bubbles?

The Bubble, also known as Glider Bubble, is a transportation tool in TinyKin that allows you to glide in the air.

You start the game with one bubble. But you can get up to 7 more to upgrade the glider, increasing the time you float.

Find Pollen and Exchange it with More Bubbles.

Collect pollen, the glowing gold particles on the map, and bring them to Sikaru. He will give you one extra bubble each time you hand him enough pollen.

Note that each mission has only one upgrade brew. So, you must beat the entire campaign to get all seven bubbles.

Tip: The checkmark on the brew icon means you’ve acquired the brew for that mission. To see the checkmark, press the view button and then the RB.

How to Find Sikaru in Every Mission?

After collecting all the pollen on the map, press the right stick button to activate the goggle mode and look for the brew jar icon. That’s where you can find Sikaru and exchange pollen for bubble.

Tips On Getting Extra Glider Bubbles Faster.

With the following tips, you can collect pollen and upgrade the glider faster.

Finish The Main Objectives First

Don’t waste your time chasing the scattered pollen. Instead, focus on the main tasks, beat the level, and then come back to collect the remaining pollen.

Look For The Hidden Pollen

All missions have secret objectives which reward you with 40+ pollen.

For example, during the City of Sanctar level, if you move the stick on the temple’s second floor, you’ll find a bunch of hidden pollen downstairs. Check out our article on how to beat City of Sanctar in TinyKin for more info!

Invest time in getting such hidden objectives done to upgrade the bubbles faster.

Use The Soapboard

Holding the RT button activates the Soapboard and increases your movement speed. So, collect pollen while sliding if you want to get more bubbles faster.

What Happens When You Get All the Bubbles?

You can glide for 13 seconds after getting all seven extra bubbles. Plus, the game will reward you with the Master Brewer achievement.

Here’s a Quick Recap

To recap how to get bubbles in TinyKin:

  • Bubbles upgrade the glider.
  • You can get them by collecting pollen.
  • Sikaru rewards you with one bubble each time you give him enough pollen.
  • To locate Sikaru in every mission, press the right stick and look for the brew jar.