How To Get To The Quarry In Tunic (The Easy Way)

how to get to the quarry in tunic
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Located on the north of the Overworld in Tunic, the Quarry leads to “The Root Of The World” where the Sealed Temple’s blue key is kept.

But entering the Quarry is tricky for two reasons:

1)       The path is inaccessible unless you have a grappling hook.

2)       The toxic purple cavities at the Quarry can kill you in a few seconds.

Don’t worry, though; As with all of the GameObjective guides, we’ve simplified the process.

List of the Items You Need

Compared to getting into the West Forest in Tunic, the Quarry requires fewer items.

You should have:

  • The Magic Orb
  • The Manual Page 38 and 39 (The Quarry’s map).

The Easiest Way to Get into the Quarry

Go to the Forbidden Pass and use the Magic Orb (grappling hook) to go down on the southeast corner. Climb down the ladders and continue the path in the opposite direction of the Envoy. Finally, activate the Obelisk and follow the purple trail until you enter the Quarry.

If you don’t own the map and Magic Orb, use the following guide.

Step #1: Acquire the Magic Orb in the Frog’s Domain

To get the magical grappling hook, head to the top-right section of Ruined Atoll, which is marked as Frog’s Domain. Once you get there, go to your right instead of climbing up the ramp. You’ll see a stone arch leading to a chest. Walk through it to reach the other side of the map and climb the ladder to enter Frog’s Domain.

tunic first fox shrine

Locate the first fox shrine and then walk out the southeast exit. Once inside the frogs’ dungeon, follow the path in front of you and don’t take any turns. It will take you to the lever that opens the gate to the Southern Vault’s entrance.

tunic caves

Instead of entering the Southern Vault, pass through the hole on the wall to its right, dodge roll to avoid the enemies, take the southwest exit, climb the ladders, and follow the path until you see a group of frogs engaging in a ritual.

tunic chest

Take them down, grab the Magic Orb, and leave the Frog’s Domain.

Step #2: Find the Quarry Map at the Great Library

You can get into the Great Library by kneeling in front of the fox statue in the middle of Ruined Atoll after activating all four Obelisks on the map. But note that you need the Magic Orb to access the library.  

As soon as you enter the Great Library, you’ll see a set of arch-shaped stairs leading to a shire that says, “Here Lays the Hero.”

tunic great library

Go up the stairs next to the statue with shining red eyes and climb the ladders to get to the laboratory. Here, you can obtain the Quarry’s map by breaking the glass case on the right corner—near the robot.

Finally, activate the fast travel location and get back to the Overworld.

tunic quarry

Step #3: Go to the Forbidden Pass and Enter the Quarry.

There is a hook on the bottom of the southeast flank of the Forbidden Pass, which takes you down where an Envoy is guarding a path.

tunic cliff side

Instead of attacking him, continue in the opposite direction until you see a black Obelisk. Activate it using the Magic Orb and then follow the purple trail to get to the Quarry.

You Can’t Beat the Quarry without the Scavenger’s Mask

The purple substances in the Quarry drain your health bar, killing you in an instance unless you have the Scavenger’s Mask like the ones the enemies and Boss Scavenger wear at the Rooted Ziggurat.

tunic beat quarry

To find the Scavenger’s Mask, climb down the first wooden ramp on the right after passing by the fox shrine at the Quarry’s entrance. Follow along the trail until you reach another fox shrine inside a pool. Behind it, there’s an opening leading to the Monastery where you can get the mask.

Recap of Getting to the Quarry in Tunic

To get there in three easy steps:

  • First, obtain the Magic Orb in the Frog’s Domain.
  • Then, find the Quarry’s map at the Great Library.
  •  Finally, go down the path southeast of the Forbidden Pass to enter the Quarry.