How To Get To The Swamp In Tunic (The Easy Way)

how to get to the swamp in tunic
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The Swamp is a short segment leading to the Cathedral towards the end of the Tunic storyline. To get there, you need to fight the Heir and continue the game in your ghost form.

Locating the Swamp (aka the Old Burying Ground) is quite simple, especially compared to other parts of the map like the West Garden.

But you might still need a guide because playing as the Hero’s ghost is quite confusing. It changes the Overworld, adding new secret paths and unseen enemies to the map.

Here’s a simplified walkthrough to help you get there as fast as possible.

Things to Do in Advance         

The bridge connecting the Overworld to the Swamp is broken. So, you can’t access the area unless you:

  • Gather all the Sealed Temple keys (Red, Blue, and Green).

Acquire pages 38 and 39 of the manual at the Great Library after getting to the Quarry.

The Easiest Way to Get to the Swamp: Old Burying Ground

old burying ground

To get to the Swamp in Tunic, put all the Sealed Temple keys in their place, go to the Far Shore to fight the Heir, activate the Obelisk on the bottom-right corner of the Overworld, and finally, follow the purple trail that leads to the Old Burying Ground.

#1. Go to the Far Shore and Find the Heir.

pray square tunic

Once you have placed all the three Sealed Temple keys, head to the nearest fast-travel spot to get to the Far Shore. You could use the one next to the Old House to save some time.

Here, pray to the middle square, which will take you to an arena where the Heir expects you.

heir tunic

Press the A-Button to talk to her and watch the cutscene.

#2. Activate the Obelisk on the Bottom-Right Corner of the Overworld.

You are now spawned in the exact location where you first started the game. But this time, you are in your ghost form, your skin looks pale blue, and the Overworld is dark.

ghost form tunic

If you want to get to the Swamp as fast as possible, waste no time and head to the mailbox where you first found the stick.

Once there, take the path to your right and continue until you see a ghost fox watching a deactivated Black Obelisk.

#3. Go Down the Ladder and Follow the Purple Trail to the Swamp.

Activating the Obelisk creates a shining purple track that will take you to the Old Burying Ground. All you have to do is climb down the ladder and follow it.

What to Expect in the Old Burying Ground?

 There is not much action in the Swamp, and you could dodge-roll most of the enemies to save time. But expect to encounter a few Lost Echo, PHREND, and FLEEMERS along your way.

What Is Your Goal in the Swamp?

Your goal after getting to the Swamp is to pray to the Obelisk on top of the hill to open the gate of the Cathedral. That’s where you find the purple crown, which gives you a new ability, the Teleport Dash.