How To Report Players In Fall Guys

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Mediatonic’s mini game extravaganza is one of taking the world by storm, but when things get rough, do you know how to report payers in Fall Guys?

It’s sad that a few spoil something great for the many. This is the internet, however, and sadly there are some players out there that enjoy making things tougher or uncomfortable for everyone else.

Minigames are supposed to be fun, not stressful. Scrap that; any game with colourful jellybean-esque people is supposed to be fun, not stressful!

So, here’s how to report players in Fall Guys. Hopefully, with a little bit of luck, we can stop hacking once and for all.

Also, I really want some jellybeans now.

How To Report Players In Fall Guys

To report players in Fall Guys, users can fill out a report form, send an email to Mediatonic, or send a direct message on twitter.

If you’ve played this game as much as the Retro Dodo team have recently, then you’ll have undoubtedly come across some cheating hoodlums in Fall Guys. Apart from being downright slimy with their cheating, these game hackers take the fun out of what is usually an exciting title.

I mean, everyone is ok with losing once in a while, but when you’re continuously losing to a player with a turbo boost to make them fly past the opposition, it gets stale pretty quick.

It was great in the first few sessions when the game first came out before payers starting getting hacking the system, and then the cheating began. But, Mediatonic are working to solve the problem, and here’s how you can help.

How To Report Players In Fall Guys - Game menu screen

1 – Hit the gear in the top-right hand corner of the menu screen

2 – Make a note of your Support ID in the bottom-left hand corner.

3 – If you can catch the details of the player, then it’ll be easier for Mediatonic to remove their account. Also include the reason you’re reporting them; eg. ‘Speed Hack’.

4. Send off the report form and sit back safe in the knowledge that you’ve helped to remove another worm from the system.

What Other Ways Can I Report Players In Fall Guys?

If you want to get in touch with Fall Guys in every single-way possible, then hitting up Twitter and sending a follow up email will also get your concerns in front of the right people.

By firing a Direct Message over and sending an email to with your Name, Support ID, Date, Time, Platform, Region, and Complaint, as well as the ID of the person you would like to make a complaint of, you can effectively report players on Fall Guys.

Can Fall Guys Automatically Spot Cheaters?

The thing is; why should it be up to you to spot cheaters in a game you’re meant to be enjoying? Isn’t there a way that cheaters can be automatically caught while playing Fall Guys?

Well, apparently so.

Mediatonic have said that there’s an anti-cheat mechanism in place, but they’ve also admitted that it isn’t that great at catching culprits.

I think a lot of this is to do with the fact that the game has become more popular than the developers could ever have dreamed of, and there are so many things for the team to work soon at once that cheaters are slipping by the wayside.

Still, now that you know how to report players in Fall Guys, that’s all about to change!

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for checking out this article on how to stop those pesky players from getting away with cheating. Hopefully, the game will go back to being fun for all before too long!