How To Teleport Dash In Tunic (The Easy Way)

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How to Get the Teleport Dash in Tunic (The Easy Way)

Whether you call it Teleport Dash or the Hero’s Laurel, you need that little purple thing on your head to beat Tunic.

It’s not easy to get it, though. Your Teleportation Crown is hidden in the darkest dungeons of the Cathedral.

So, let us show you the way.

What Is the Teleport Dash in Tunic?

Also known as the Hero’s Laurel or Teleportation Crown, Teleport Dash in Tunic is the special ability to teleport to nearby places. It replaces the dodge button, enabling you to roll faster and access previously inaccessible parts of the map.

The Easiest Way to Get Teleport Dash

In the Cathedral, open the elevator behind the fox shrine by activating the Obelisk on top. Then, climb down the ladder to enter the arena with seven statues. Finally, press the A-button next to each, fight the waves of enemies and defeat the boss to get Teleport Dash.

teleportation crown tunic

Here’s the walkthrough.

#1. Locate the Cathedral in the Swamp.

After getting to the Swamp, follow the purple trail to the right flank of the map. You might have to fight a few PHRENDS and FLEEMERS before accessing the Cathedral’s gate.

cathedral tunic

Once you’re on top of the hill, activate the Obelisk and enter the castle behind it.

#2. Make Your Way to the Arena.

The first thing you see in the Cathedral is a fox shrine with two exits to its right and left. You should take the right one, dodge or kill the possessed fox, and take the right door again, entering the room with two statues guarding a chest.

statue tunic

The door on the left takes you to a large pool of purple substance. Use the stairs across the room to get to the area with spike traps.

Exiting the room takes you to an L-shaped staircase leading to a narrow hall with bird cages scattered around. You can dodge roll the enemies and take the entrance on the south to get to the corridor.

purple pool tunic

Open the chest to your right as well as the shortcut in the room across. Finally, take the northeast door into the hall with laser-blazing stone statues.

The gate on the other side leads to another pool with a black fox soul trapped in the middle. Walk across the room until you reach the final exit, where you can activate the Obelisk and open the elevator.

#3. Fight Six Waves of Enemies to Get Teleport Dash.

fight enemy waves tunics

The elevator in the Cathedral will take you to the bottom of the castle, where you can go down the ladder into the arena with seven stone statues, one healing potion, and six enemy statues.

Pressing the A-button (dodge button) next to each statue spawns specific enemies. You should fight waves of Frogs, Fairies, Scavengers, Fleemers, Foxes, and two Robot bosses.

Once you clear the area, a chest will show up in the middle, granting you the Teleport Dash ability. It’s a purple laurel that appears on your head, changing your dodge move to quick teleportation.

What to Do with Your Teleportation Crown in Tunic?

what to do with teleport tunic

Teleport Dash or the Hero’s Laurel enables you to access remote parts of the map. Using it, you can collect pieces of the manual and chests that you had no access to.

You can also dodge enemies more effectively because the teleportation is much faster than rolling.

But more importantly, you need Teleport Dash to regain your health, stamina, and magic bar at the Hero’s Grave.