How To Beat Gluttony In Hell Pie (The Easy Way)

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Gluttony or the hell fatty is one of the early bosses in Hell Pie.

But unlike the boss of the Sewers, it takes longer to beat him.  

Here’s a simple guide to taking him down and getting the last ingredient in Flavour Peaks as quickly as possible. 

1. Dodge the Obstacles and Hit His Uvula

gluttony hell pie tips

The boss fight starts with you running away from Gluttony after he devours the poor delivery guy.

Focus on dodging the obstacles because the camera switches to the front and limits your view.

💡 Tip: Equip the turbo horns and hold the RT button to run faster.

Ultimately, Gluttony locks you in a room, attacking you with:

  • A wave of stomach acid
  • His tongue
  • Undead creatures

Circle the room to dodge his attacks until he opens his mouth, then hit his uvula with Nugget to beat him.

2. Fight the Undead

gluttony zombies

Gluttony chases you again. But this time, the path has more obstacles.

He traps you in another room, nosing green flies at you while keeping his previous attacks.

Again, stay away from the orange spots on the ground and dodge until you can hit his uvula.

💡 Tip: Gluttony drops bombs that don’t explode. Press the Y button to grab and throw them back at him for more damage.

3. Stay on the Platforms

stay on platforms

In the final phase, Gluttony fills the room with his stomach acid.

To survive this attack, stay on the wooden platforms and kill the flying undead with Nugget.

Hit his uvula for one last time to beat him for good, grab the ingredient (Delivery Boy), and leave.

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What Happens When You Beat Gluttony?

Not only do you get a new ingredient, but you also unlock a trophy called Everybody Is Beautiful for defeating Gluttony.

Quick Recap

To beat Gluttony, the boss of Flavor Peaks in Hell Pie:

  • Dodge the obstacles while he chases you.
  • Hit his uvula when he opens his mouth.
  • Repeat the process three times.