How To Beat The Final Boss In Hell Pie (The Easy Way)

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The final boss in Hell Pie is the hell pie itself, the cake tart that was supposed to cheer up Satan on his alleged birthday.

Killing the hell pie is slightly more challenging than defeating the Hand of God or the boss of the Sewers.

It’s a 3-phase battle with a hellish creature that looks straight out of a Stranger Things parody.

With the following guide, though, you can defeat it in less than 5 minutes.

1. Use the Platforms to Reach the Eyeballs

use platfor to reach eyes

The battle begins with the hell pie throwing you away into the lava. But the Chef saves your butt and brings you back to the ground. 

Unlike the Gluttony boss fight where you had to run away from the boss, your goal is to jump on the floating platforms and get closer to the pie so you can attack its eyeballs.

The hell pie has three open eyes in front and one closed in the back. Hit the open ones with Nugget, so the one in the back opens up.

Keep hitting the bigger eyeball (the one in the back) until the pie gets mad and throws you back on the platforms.

2. Repeat the Attack One More Time

hell pie final boss

Again, jump on the floating rocks to get closer to the hell pie.

This time, it will have an additional arm and a bunch of legs. But no worries; they do not affect the battle. 

Repeat the process in the previous step: Attack the open eyeballs and hit the central eye as soon as it opens up. .

3. Shoot Its Eyeballs with the Minigun

hel pie final boss tips

During the last phase, the hell pie evolves into a flying creature, throwing lasers and energy beams at you.

Stay away from the target marks on the ground and jump over the acid beams to survive.

Press the Y button to grab the minigun and shoot the eyeballs to drain its health bar.

That’s it; you have officially beat the final boss in Hell Pie. 

💡 Tip: It’s safer to stay on the back of the platform because most of the hell pie attacks can’t reach you.

What Happens After You Defeat the Final Boss?

You earn a trophy called Piece of Cake and get to attend Satan’s party.

Right after beating the Hell Pie boss, you go back to your office where you meet the Chef and invite Satan to the b-day party.

But be prepared for a plot twist…

Quick Recap

To beat the final boss in Hell Pie:

  • Jump on the pie’s face and attack its open eyeballs.
  • Repeat the process until it throws you back on the ground.
  • Grab the minigun and shoot its eyes to defeat it for good.