How To Beat The Sewers Boss In Hell Pie (The Easy Way)

how to beat the sewers boss in hell pie
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Whether you call it the giant potato or the piece of crud, it’s not that of a big deal to beat the Sewers boss.

All you need to do is throw red bombs at him and break his armor.

Here’s a simplified guide to defeating him in less than 30 seconds. 

1. Dodge His Strikes and Spins.

The boss of the Sewers has two primary attacks: Spin and strike. 

To dodge them, equip the turbo horns, hold the RT button, and circle the map until he feels dizzy and stops attacking you. 

2. Throw Bombs at Him to Break His Armor.

Your main attack does not affect the Sewers boss. So, don’t risk your life hitting him with Nugget. Instead, wait for him to feel dizzy and throw a bomb at him.

Press the Y button next to a hanging red fruit to grab it and then the X button to throw it.

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3. Grab the Ingredient and Leave

hell pie ingredients

You defeat the boss of the Sewers after hitting him with 3 to 4 bombs.

Once he’s dead, press the Y button next to his corpse to grab the Tampon, another ingredient of Satan’s birthday cake.

Finally, jump on the moving platform and leave the Sewers.

That’s it; you’re now ready to fight Gluttony or any other hellish bosses. 

What Happens When You Beat the Sewers Boss?

Aside from acquiring a new ingredient, you also unlock an achievement called That’s Just Too Nasty for defeating the boss of the Sewers.

Here’s a Quick Recap

To beat the boss of the Sewers in Hell Pie:

  • Equip your turbo horns and circle around the room to make him dizzy.
  • Throw a red bomb at him whenever he stops. .
  • Keep bombing his armour until he’s dead.
  • Grab the Tampon and leave.

So, that’s how to beat the Sewers boss in Hell Pie. If you need more Sony guides, be sure to scout around our website for simple, easy guides!