How To Defeat The Goddess In Ninja Gaiden 3 (The Easy Way)

how to defeat the goddess in ninja gaiden 3
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The Goddess or Canna is the final boss on Day 8 of Ninja Gaiden 3. She throws purple energy balls at you, summons Mechanized Chimera, and hits you with her giant sword.

To defeat her, you should refill your Ki bar and cast the Art of the True Inferno, a fire dragon that pushes the Goddess to the ground, allowing you to cut her head open and save Canna.

Here’s a simplified guide for doing that.

#1. Kill the Mechanized Chimera to Refill Your Ki Bar.

ninja gaiden 3 chimera

The battle with the Goddess starts on top of a roof. She will begin summoning Mechanized Chimera, slamming the roof, and throwing energy balls at you right after the first Quick Time Event. 

Your goal is to activate Ninpo by killing as many Mechanized Chimera as possible. To do so, stick to the roof’s left flank where the Goddess’s hand can’t reach you. And take down the enemies with Obliteration and Ultimate techniques.

You could also use the Bow to hit Canna and gain more Ki energy.

#2. Cast Ninpo and Attack the Goddess on the Ground.

ninja gaiden 3 ninpo cast

Once your Ninpo gauge (the yellowish bar under the health bar) is full, cast the Art of the True Inferno by pressing the Triangle and Circle buttons simultaneously—Y and B if you’re on Xbox.

Your final Ninpo summons a fire dragon that attacks the Goddess, pushing her to the ground. Run towards her and strike her cracked forehead. 

After the Quick Time Event, she will bring you back to the rooftop and continue the battle.

#3. Dodge Canna’s Sword and Attack her Hand.

ninja gaiden 3 dodge sword

The Goddess will stop spawning Mechanized Chimera. But she will continue slamming the roof and striking you with her sword.

Since her fingers barely reach the other side of the roof, you can dodge her slams by staying on the edge. But there’s no way to dodge her sword unless you slide on time.

The Goddess needs to cool down after each slam which gives you a couple of seconds to attack. So, drain her Karma by striking her hand while she’s defenseless.

Finally, you have to complete the last Quick Time Event to beat the monster for good and save Canna.

Tips on Defeating the Goddess (Canna) Faster

ninja gaiden 3 lunar staff

Like most Ninja Gaiden 3 battles, the Day 8 boss fight can become an endless cycle of dying and repeating the mission.

But you could defeat her in less than 20 minutes using the following tool and technique.

Equip Lunar Staff to gain more Ki energy.

Lunar Staff is the best weapon to beat the first half of the Goddess battle. Its fast attacks grant more Ki energy, helping you activate Ninpo as soon as possible.

Heal yourself by leveling up the Extra Health skill.

Casting the Art of the True Inferno will automatically heal you. But you could regain health by leveling up the Extra Health skill. To do so, navigate to the final row of the skill tree, and press the X-button (the A-button on Xbox) to learn it.

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