How To Get The Grey Egg In Hell Pie (The Easy Way)

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Grey Egg is one of the ingredients the Chef needs for Satan’s B-day cake.

It’s hidden on top of a building near the Sewers and cannot be acquired unless you have bombs.

Here’s a simple 3-step guide to getting it as quickly as possible.

1. Use the Hellevator to Get to Sashimi Bay

The path to Sashimi Bay unlocks after talking to the Chef.

Take the hellevator and head to the Sewers. It’s a castle-like building on the right flank of the map guarded by pieces of sh**.

💡 Help: If you can’t find it, equip your normal horns, press the RB button to see the Points of Interest, and locate the yellow exclamation mark on the right.

2. Kill the Soldiers at the Sewers

soliders hell pie

A couple of soldiers attack you once you’re at the Sewers.

Taking them down is pretty easy; press the X button (left-click on PC) to hit them with Nugget. 

You can also kill a bunch by throwing red bombs at them.

3. Grab a Bomb and Blow Up the Cage Holding the Grey Egg

hell pie grab bomb

When the area is cleared, grab one of the red bombs by pressing the Y button (E on PC) next to a flower.

Jump on the moving platform and continue the path until you reach another group of soldiers.

Take them down (if you haven’t already) and use the boxes to get to the rooftop.

If you lost your bomb during the battle, grab the one behind you, next to the pipes.

Finally, throw the bomb at the cage to break it and grab the Grey Egg.

That’s it; you can now return the ingredient to the Chef or continue your journey at Sashimi Bay to beat the boss of the Sewers.

Bonus Tip: Get the Hidden Candy Meat by Hitting the Pipes

hell pie cage

You’ll see six pipes forming a pentagon right under the Grey Egg’s cage.

But if you look closely, a little creature is poking out of one of them. What does that mean? Well, it’s a mini hammer hit game.

Keep hitting the poking creature with Nugget until a glowing Candy Meat shows up.

Here’s a Quick Recap

To get the Grey Egg in Hell Pie:

  • Get into the Hellevator that takes you to Sashimi Bay.
  • Kill the soldiers at the Sewers.
  • Grab a bomb, get on top of the castle’s roof, and blow up the Grey Egg’s cage.